Build Your First Facebook Chatbot

This is a step by step training to building your first messenger AI system. This training is directed to the individuals, or businesses, looking to build out messenger AI systems and wanting to avoid the bullshit that the internet guru’s trick you into thinking you need to know.

Ok, so here’s the deal.

I’ve been building out AI systems for businesses for about a year now.


Over the last year I’ve come across numerous people claiming they are “Messenger Guru’s” or “Chatbot Experts.”


Every one of these people charge thousands for their courses, and to be honest, my 9 year old brother is better at building these damn things out than most of them (and he doesn’t even know what AI systems are).


The crazy thing is, these “guru’s” don’t make money building these AI systems for clients. They make money by suckering people into buying their course (if this is you, I’m sorry but you have been played….).


I literally created this course to end their bullshit business.


I wanted to give away all of the information I know about Messenger AI Systems for an insanely cheap price as a big F U to anyone trying to scam people into buying their bullshit course.


Now, you might be thinking “if they can sell a bullshit course for $997, then why don’t you?” or “why would you give out your secrets for only $47.”


Well, first, I don’t want to be like them. I actually considered just deleting all of these videos I created for this course because that’s how much I do not want to be associated with anyone like that.


And second, most of you will probably spend the $47, login to the course, watch some videos, not pay any damn attention, and go on about your life never using a single thing I teach you.


Now obviously I don’t want that to be you, and I hope you prove me wrong.




Well, to be honest, I’m not sure other than I have results.


I have been referred to as the “chatbot wizard,” and as stated earlier I have been building these systems for over a year. Someone actually thought I ran a russian bot farm or some shit like that.


I have built out 100+ bots for all different types of niches including, pro sports teams, gyms, yoga studios, bars, salons, barbers, plastic surgeons, and more.


Chances are, if you have a question/problem with your system, I’ll know how to fix it. In the rare occasion that I don’t, I’ll reach out to my network of real bot builders, and I will figure it out.


With that being said, fill out the form below, submit your payment of $47, and start your journey as a messenger AI system gangster.


See ya on the other side,


Course Overview Preview 3 minutes
Building Blocks
Installing The Bot To Facebook Page 1 minute
Audience 3 minutes
Livechat Function 3 minutes
Growth Tools
Overlay Widgets 13 minutes
Embeddable Widgets 3 minutes
Other Growth Tools 16 minutes
Outreach Methods
Broadcasts 5 minutes
Autoposting 3 minutes
Main Menu 4 minutes
Chatbot Default Reply 3 minutes
Welcome Message 3 minutes
Keywords 3 minutes
Chatbot Sequences 8 minutes
Flows 3 minutes
Flow Template
Settings 6 minutes

Mike Poglese

Facebook chatbot expert and innovative digital entrepreneur.

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